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sea strings
Production : Eduard Rodés - ERGOCLICKS
Barcelona - Spain

Idea, music, contents, design and Project Director : Eduard Rodés

Musical arrangements for string quartet : Ramon Andreu

Musical productor, sound, digital set-up and mastering : Carles Trepat

Project Manager : Santi Rodés

Luthier : Daniel Bernaert (Guitar model: Torres)

Translations : Toni Tobella

Poem Translation : Jose Campos

Photography : Juanjo Martínez

Photography (portrait of E. Rodés ) : Xavier Puig Asensio
Location: Cruise Roma - September 2008 - Mediterranean Republic

Engineering, development and Internet marketing : ERGOCLICKS

Art direction, graphic design, and CD production : Media Circus Comunicación

Musical advisor, demos, and score transcriptions : Halldór Már Stefánsson

Recorded at the church of Santa Maria de Vilagrassa (Lleida - Catalonia - Spain) -
All rights reserved, including, but not limited to, production, multimedia and proprietary rights. The duplication, renting, lending and the use of the graphic content and sound contained in this work, as well as its use in public and broadcasting, are strictly prohibited without the previous express authorization of the author. All works have been registered with the Spanish “SGAE”. ® © Eduard Rodés - Barcelona Spain-2008

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amb les mans (CAT)
con las manos (ES)
with one's hands (EN)
República Mediterrània (CAT)
República Mediterránea (ES)
República Mediterrânea (PT)
© 2008 Eduard Rodés & ERGOCLICKS
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