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ERGOCLICKS supports the data security levels stipulated in Spanish law, and specifically those stipulated in the Real Decreto 994/1999, of June 11th, pertaining to the security measures for automated archives which contain Data of a Personal Nature, and has implemented all the technical means within its reach to prevent the loss, wrongful use, modification, unauthorized access to, and theft of the data that the user provides via the web site, without prejudice to having informed the user that the security measures on the internet are not impregnable.

ERGOCLICKS is committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of the data contained in the automated archive, in keeping with the laws in force.

ERGOCLICKS hereby states that it will send commercial material by e-mail containing information about other products, services, and events which could be of interest to those users who have previous and expressly accepted to receive commercial material with said information. The referred to acceptance is revocable, without retroactive effects, by simply informing ERGOCLICKS, S.L. that you wish to do so. In this manner, those users who wish to do so may stop receiving commercial material from ERGOCLICKS whenever they wish, in a simple, free, and user-friendly way simply by sending an e-mail to:

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amb les mans (CAT)
con las manos (ES)
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República Mediterrània (CAT)
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República Mediterrânea (PT)
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